What is search engine optimization?

What is search engine optimization?

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

When a search keyword is put into a search engine the search engine scans the internet for relevant websites. The rationale is if the website is ranked higher than others there will also be a corresponding increase in traffic and also an increased number of sales.

Despite urban myths, search engines such as Google are not attempting to play games with businesses and customers alike by creating a list of rules for websites to follow in order to be ranked. Neither does the SEO company, Web Assistants, specialize in achieving a high ranking website by “tricking” the search engines. SEO requires skilled expertise but is not a black art.

Will SEO Boost my Business?

Imagine a shop tucked away on the side street. Without a great reputation or a significant publicity campaign it is likely to remain unnoticed and miss out on passing trade. It may stock the most desirable of products but unless people are aware of its existence they may never be sold.

So what’s the answer? Years ago the services of the town crier may have been employed, but this is extremely labour intensive. After all you would need to employ a town crier in every town, and every village in order to get your product to the market! Another solution, involving far less shoe leather, is that of search engine optimization (SEO).

How can SEO be Achieved?

The key to Search engine optimization (SEO) is to create a good user experience. This is turn encourages viewers to interact with the site and continue to promote the website and boost the rankings. For businesses in niche markets this may be relatively easy to achieve, but for those in more competitive markets, creating unique and informative content can be a challenge. This is where the services of professional design agency, such as Web Assistants, can be invaluable.

SEO can be promoted organically by the use of keywords in order to locate the site. If your website is clear and well laid out, with text and terminology relevant to your specific specialism, search engines will scan the website and then recommend your website for relevant searches. However the search engines are sophisticated and require more than simply repetitive keywords in order to rank your website. Unique and informative content is, therefore, equally important.

SEO can also be achieved inorganically by the use of back links and sponsorship. Whilst online advertisers provide a useful additional revenue stream, they will not usually sponsor low ranking websites. SEO can increase visibility not only to customers but to potential advertisers. This is particularly relevant when applying for funding or grants as having a high ranking website can promote confidence.

Viewer experience and the use of social media are becoming more and more important to SEO (search engine optimization). Creating a blog or newsletter can be used to create and maintain a fan base. The informal nature of blogs means that they can establish a more intimate relationship with the viewer and a stronger sense of belonging and loyalty.

Social media sites such as twitter and Facebook encourage viewers to interact with the website and also to promote the business/product to their friends. Tools such as these encourage the viewer to feel as though they belong to a more exclusive club. Creating a sense of identity which links the viewers to the brand implies that by being disloyal to the brand they will be disloyal to themselves. This encourages them to promote the brand and recommend it to friends and family. The recommendations on social media and interactions with the website all assist to promote the ranking of the website.

SEO (search engine optimization) is a rapidly changing field so it is important to keep up to date with the latest trends if you want your website to be ranked as highly as possible. This is where the services of experts such as Web Assistants are invaluable.

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