What is web development?

What is web development?

A Beginner’s Guide to Web Development

Whilst web design is concerned with the pages which the viewer sees, in simplistic terms, website development is concerned with the parts the viewer doesn’t see. A web developer usually builds the website from scratch devising the layout and creating the individual pages which form the website. The role of a web development agency is to create a website which emphasises the company’s product range and services dynamically so that the business is perfectly showcased.

Does Website Development Matter?

Unless web development is done professionally the website may not function correctly. As a result of this, a customer may not be able to conduct a transaction whether this is making an enquiry, a request for information or a purchase. This could lead to the company’s professionalism and reputation being called into question.

Website development is a critical part of the website design. Being unable to perform a transaction can be extremely frustrating to customers and quite apart from losing that particular sale can have an extended effect by means of negative publicity.

The service provided by Web Assistants is extensive. Our website developers can provide innovative and creative graphic designs as well as having expertise in programming to ensure that the website runs smoothly and operates as it should. After all, there is no point having a website which looks great, if the equivalent of the front door is closed. At Web Assistants our team of web developers understand how important this is and will happily provide professional advice upon request.

What is the Significance of Website Development?

Websites use a combination of words, graphics and interactivity to attract and retain viewers. In the same way that shops use their window displays to entice new customers, the aim of a website design is to catch the attention of viewers and encourage them to interact with the website. This may be achieved by opening a subscription with the website, playing games, entering competitions or making a purchase.

It is the role of the web developer to ensure that all of these functions run smoothly both for the customer and the business. Whether this is requires, as an example, the customers successful sending of a request or making a purchase and the business’ successful obtainment of payments and data from such interactions.

Of course, attractive visuals and catchy text are an integral part of website design, but the most successful websites are those which encourage loyalty through participation. These hooks are designed to guide consumer behaviour and it is these qualities which will differentiate your website from your competitors. In order to ensure that these links function smoothly and with speed it is essential that the website developer programmes the site correctly.

As consumers are increasingly demanding interactivity the role of the website developer is becoming a critical part of website design. Auction type models are becoming more and more popular both as a way of doing business and a means of entertainer. Without the background programming to support and maintain this, these highly interactive websites would crash within a matter of seconds and, contrary to the popular saying, bad publicity is not always better than no publicity.

How to Choose a Web Developer?

Here are some questions to ask your potential web developer:-

  • Can routine business operations be automated?
  • How will SEO (Search Engine Optimization) be achieved?
  • Can they suggest/create an online marketing strategy?
  • How will the website be tested?
  • Will the website be useable across different browsers?

If they struggle to answer any of these questions it is advisable to look for website services elsewhere.

The web developers at Web Assistants provide an integrated service combining both web design and web development. Whether you are looking for specific advice or complete website design our bespoke services will provide the tools to promote your business. We pride ourselves on our ability to develop your business.

Why not contact Web Assistants today and let us optimize your business potential?