Castle Group

Using Mobile Technology to Expand your Business

Castle Group is a process engineering company specialising in health, technical and environmental safety. Whether by on-site assessment or computer modelling their team of engineers can assess potential work hazards (including noise and vibration) and make recommendations for preventative action in order to achieve a safe working environment.

The Issues

The existing website was outdated and failed to promote Castle Group as a dynamic and professional enterprise. The lack of accessibility from mobile devices meant that Castle Group was missing out on a large potential market. Apart from issues with accessibility, the website was also difficult to manage. Adding new content or extracting data was cumbersome and discouraged Castle Group to maintain the website. This in turn had a negative impact on search engine optimisation.

The Brief

The client had identified the importance of having a contemporary website which was mobile friendly and asked us to create a new look and feel for their website so that it would act as a marketing tool.

To ensure that they would be able to maintain and update the website on a regular basis they also requested a user guide.

Project Overview

A new website was created using layouts provided from a graphic designer employed by Castle Group. Apart from promoting Castle Group as a modern, dynamic business the new up-to-date website is mobile friendly. This allows Castle Group to access a much larger potential customer base which may increase their turnover.

The user manual enables anyone to update the website and the website itself is easy to use and maintain. As a result of this, Castle Group’s customers are now able to enjoy up to date news and regularly updated content. This encourages customer interactions and promotes search engine optimisation.

Program Flow

Services completed

CMS / Web Development