Content Caretaker


Content Caretaker offer bespoke websites for schools which come with their own unique content management system called Content Caretaker CMS. Additional services include prospectus design and photography.

The Issues

Their existing system had been contaminated which meant that using CMS to create any new sites for schools was extremely time consuming and labour intensive. The updating of CMS sites once they had been created was also impossible.

The Brief

Content Caretaker asked us to redevelop the existing system and create a bespoke one based on a custom built framework, incorporating a management system for their dedicated servers. They also required a bespoke mobile site, search engine optimization and enhanced security (including a range of encryptions) to protect data.

Project Overview

As a result of system improvements Content Caretaker can implement new sites onto CMS in half the time previously taken, minimising frustration levels and increasing profitability. Improved hosting facilities guarantee site security.

The mobile version can be integrated into any Content Caretaker CMS website and, with a website loading speed of half that on the original system, offers an enhanced user experience

Content Caretaker

Services completed

App development / CMS

Technologies used

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