Invoicing System

Using Integrating Invoicing to Improve Cash Flow

The client is dedicated to providing a customer orientated transcription service. They specialise in legal documents of any kind as well as medical reports, letters, discharge summaries and medical imaging reports. Catering to a wide range of industries they provide financial reporting and webcast transcription services to blue chip companies as well as working closely with publishing and broadcasting industries including television, radio and film.

The Issues

The existing invoicing system was over five years old and no longer benefitted from technical support. Consequently it lacked the development potential to provide sufficient capacity to cope with business expansion and suffered from out of date features. Financial reporting was difficult as it operated as a stand-alone system and was not linked to any other key performance indicators.

The Brief

The client wanted to integrate an antiquated invoicing system into the computerised workflow system. This would reduce costs by being less labour intensive and enable them to interrogate the system to generate comprehensive business reports.

Project Overview

By integrating the new invoicing system into the workflow system has allowed the client to benefit from a more flexible invoicing system which can pay expenses as well as generating invoices. It can calculate both client’s invoices and staff wages to be automatically based on the type and quantity of work undertaken.

Payments, which take into account currency conversion, can be made in any currency and can be paid into different bank accounts. The invoices generated also take into account different tax bands.

A range of alerts and notifications can be sent out to provide notification of overdue invoices and it can produce VAT reports. The reporting capabilities of the system allow it to produce financial reports and to monitor cash-flow in relation to the order book.

Services completed

App development / Invoicing System