Program Flow App


Program Flow offer bespoke child monitoring system for schools, providing teachers with a user friendly way of monitoring children, whilst allowing parents to view their child’s progress.

The Issues

Despite being the key feature, the original developer had abandoned the project before completion, leaving the visual diary functioning on only a very basic level. The overall look and feel lacked polish and professionalism.

The Brief

Despite contacting numerous developers, Program Flow had struggled to find anyone capable of developing the visual diary.

Project Overview

The existing system was redeveloped so that all of the features functioned fully. Additional work took place to redevelop and enhance existing functions. The system was fully tested and any glitches removed. Overall the feel and appearance of the website were upgraded to maximise user experience.
Now fully developed and functioning as it should, the visual diary is an easy to use intuitive system. As a visual alternative to a conventional diary it offers Program Flow a unique selling point with which to promote sales.

Program Flow

Services completed

App development / Documentation Tool

Technologies used

CodeIgniter was used in this project
bootstrap was used in this project
MySQL was used in this project
PHP was used in this project
CSS3 was used in this project
HTML5 was used in this project
jQuery was used in this project