Program Flow Recurrent Billing

Online Application with Secure Billing

Program Flow supply bespoke child monitoring system for schools, providing teachers with a user friendly way of monitoring children, whilst allowing parents to view their child’s progress.

The Issues

The existing Program Flow App allowed customers to initiate the purchase of a new subscription but had no way of implementing and monitoring it. Consequently the company spent considerable time manually maintaining records detailing who had taken out a subscription, the method of payment and payment details. They also had to expedite payments and monitor expiry dates.

The Brief

The client asked us to create a process which would enable customers to purchase a subscription via the Program Flow App without the need for any additional administrative support.

Project Overview

We created a system which enables customers to create new subscriptions themselves (one customer may have multiple subscriptions). The autonomous system allows them to manage their own subscription account and to make payments, either automatically or manually, without the need for any additional intervention from my client.

When a customer makes a purchase the Program Flow App creates an account and billing plan within the Program Flow Application. Although this automatically sets up a monthly subscription it has the flexibility to incorporate any future price changes made by Program Flow.

As a result of integrating a secure billing solution into the Program Flow App, the client has been able to reduce the administration costs in setting up new accounts. New customers benefit from having a reduced set up fee, making Program Flow more competitive and attractive to customers. Each account can be accessed from different devices simultaneously making it ideal for use in schools.

By interrogating the new system, Program Flow is able to obtain data on customer’s subscription plans and profitability. This will allow our client to monitor, evaluate and improve their product streams.

Program Flow

Services completed

App development / Recurrent Billing

Technologies used

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