Workflow System

Improving Workflow

The client is dedicated to providing a customer orientated transcription service. They specialise in legal documents of any kind as well as medical reports, letters, discharge summaries and medical imaging reports. Catering to a wide range of industries they provide financial reporting and webcast transcription services to blue chip companies as well as working closely with publishing and broadcasting industries including television, radio and film.

The Issues

The focus of the business had always been on customer service but this had resulted in an extremely labour intensive workflow system which was not allowing the business to expand.

To maintain customer service any orders received were hand carried through the paper based system to ensure their on-time completion. Although they did use computer software it was only at a minimal level and considerable time was spent checking and monitoring orders to ensure that the work was completed. If the business was to expand and offer an improved customer experience it was essential that the work flow systems were improved.

The Brief

The client wished to use technology to improve their workflow process. They believed that by using a computer based project management system it would reduce administration costs, increase production, and improve the quality of the work whilst improving the overall client experience

Project Overview

We created a user-friendly workflow programme which enabled them to manage their work flow efficiently whilst maintaining visibility.

By integrating a range of automated tasks customer’s orders can be tracked from receipt through to final invoicing. This means that administration staff are able to assign new orders and monitor their progress from the comfort of their desks. Once completed the work is re-issued to the customers and invoiced by means of a bespoke invoicing system which is linked into the new system.

The time taken to process orders has been greatly reduced allowing administration staff to dedicate their time to other aspects of the business. An additional benefit is that the client is now able to monitor staff productivity. By measuring the nature of the orders completed and the time taken to complete them the client is able to identify and implement any additional training which may be required in order to improve the business.

Amongst the special features included are high security levels and an intuitive dashboard. Displaying a live order summary on a 42” screen it allows office staff are able to see which orders are due in and which ones are getting close to their deadlines. This gives the company the confidence to take on new orders on an urgent basis if the order book allows it as well as the re-allocation of orders to meet customer’s needs. As many of the files issued to our client are data protected it was essential that the new workflow system was able to offer an exceptionally high level of security.

The system can be fully interrogated providing invaluable data on individual clients, market sectors or operation. The generation of reports allows the client to identify trends, anticipate demands and to prepare itself for any issues which might have an impact on the business.

By making a better use of resources, the computer based work flow system has enabled the company to responding flexibly to customer’s needs whilst expanding the business and maintaining a high level of customer service.

Services completed

App development / Workflow System